sc4“Here in the highlands of Haliburton Ontario, Limberlost manufactures the highest quality Muskoka Furniture and Adirondack furniture available. The design of our famous Muskoka Chairs andAdirondack Chairs have evolved into products that many individuals swear  contains a design characteristic that gives Limberlost Muskoka chairs a more   comfortable fit than other chairs of similar designs that they have tried. They actually question us as to what we have found that can make such a difference to other chairs that look so similar.  it is actually very true. We accidentally stumbled upon a mathematical relationship between the height of the chair, the angle of the backrest and  the length of the seat that we have kept constant in every Muskoka chair and Adirondack chair we have made for the last 16 years. Couple the Limberlost design with the attributes of knot-free, kiln-dried, 2 inch thick Western Red Cedar, shielded from the weather by 4 coats of premium Sikkens finish and you have the secret of Limberlost’s success.

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